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Links Away: ‘The Matrix’ Meets Acapella

A guy decided to replace all audio in the Matrix lobby shoot-out scene with his own acapella rendition. That includes the music, the gunfire, the everything. Impressive, no? (ToplessRobot)

Baw baw chika buh baw baw baw:

Revenge Of The Titans (Movieline)

Jesus…Straight Chillin (BarstoolSports)

Timberlake Saves Myspace (Holytaco)

Hollywood Career O-Matic (FilmDrunk)

Taylor Swift’s Body Hair (CelebJihad)

Get Your Ass To Disney World (Unreality)

Th Three Musketeers Trailer (MovieFone)

Fergie Done Screwed Up (Popeater)

Soda Is Better In Japan (Smosh)

Ashley Benson Hotness (Maxim)

The Best And Worst of 2011 (Pajiba)

9 Sexy Robots (NextMovie)

Brett Rogers Charged (CagePotato)

Cara Costronuova Hotness (MadeMan)

Katamari Minecraft! (GameFront)

El Weeken (TuVez)


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  1. June 30, 2011 5:48 pm

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    I love matrix.I think matrix is the one of the best action movie in hollywood.
    I have seenthis movie many time and still waiting for such a good movie like matrix.

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