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Links Away: The Mario Bros. Take On Liberty City

Hot on the heals of Yogi Bear getting shot in the head, here’s a clip of the Mario Bros getting Grand Theft Auto-ified. It’ll grab your childhood nostalgia by the balls, push it out a fourth story window, and stand laughing over its battered, used-up shell of a corpse. (SlashFilm)

Click these links to save the snooty princess:

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The Top 21 Breakout Stars of 2010 (NextMovie)

Katy Perry In Bondage Outfit (CelebJihad)

Super Smash Bros for Gameboy? (Unreality)

Hometown Hottie of the Year (Maxim)

The Women of TRON (MadeMan)

11 Signs Your Girlfriend is Psycho (Smosh)

BASE Jumper Eludes Cops, Jumps Off Bixby Bridge (TotalProSports)

Soccer Fans Mimic Referee Out of Boredom (TuVez)

How Ryan Reynolds Destroyed the Canadian Film Industry (Pajiba)

Pamela Anderson Graces 13th Playboy Cover (PopEater)

Top 14 Celebrities Caught Getting High On Camera (Ranker)

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