Links Away: The Hobbits Get Frisky

Upon first viewing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you may not have noticed the rampant sexual innuendo employed throughout the films.

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Elijah Wood (Cooties, Lord of the Rings), Nick Mundy (Conan) and Dan Murrell (Screen Junkies) debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore (creator of Honest Trailers) for the week of 9/11: Go see Elijah Wood's new movie Cooties - In Theaters and on Demand Sept 18 - FIGHT 1 - What's the funniest horror movie? FIGHT 2 - What's the best fantasy franchise of all-time? FIGHT 3 - What Hobbit would win in a battle royale for the One Ring? FIGHT 4 - Best Lord of the Rings movie? FIGHT 5 - Best performance by a kid in a movie? FIGHT 6 - Watch one movie for all of eternity FIGHT 7 - SPEED ROUND


Listen To This 'Hobbit' Rap, Or Else

They're like white Bushwick Bills. We all assumed that Hobbits would be excellent rappers, but now our friends at The Warp Zone have offered up some definitive proof. It's our great pleasure to offer up, the "Misty Mountain Rap," which looks like it may have been filmed in Griffith Park, but I'm sure was actually filmed on location in Middle Earth. It's ok. Getting filming permits in Middle Earth is supposed to be like, this huge quest. Someone should make a story about it.


Air New Zealand Recruits 'The Hobbit' Cast For 'The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made'

To be fair, "most epic safety video" is a pretty low bar to clear. It's no secret that New Zealand was the stand-in for Middle Earth in the recent film adaptations of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. New Zealand is, understandably, pretty proud of that, and will likely take that claim to fame to places you normally wouldn't expect to see Hobbit-related stuff. Like airline safety videos. There's not an obvious connection between the two. Well, there WASN'T. Until Air New Zealand decided the twain shall meet in their most recent effort to spruce up boring airline safety videos. Ok. I've said too much. Just watch, and keep an eye out for Hobbit actors. But not that famous ones.