Links Away: The Greatest Scream In Movie History

Interestingly enough, it's also the most annoying scream in movie history.

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‘Scream’ Porn Parody Gives New Meaning To Stabbing

It's just like the original, but with hardcore sex! With any major hit TV show or movie lately, it's only a matter of time before there's a porn version. Seriously, you can set your clock to it. There's even a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Porn parody, and having only seen the cover, I can tell you it's pretty gruesome. I don't know if there's anything inherently sexy about "The Cosby Show" or "Star Trek," but you can get hardcore tributes to both. Now, coming in April, Vivid Entertainment brings you Scream: A XXX Parody. It appears to be a pretty straight ahead send up of the original film, complete with similar deaths (and added penetration, of course).  The "film" was directed by Eli Cross, and stars Lily LaBeau, Zoe Voss, Sarah Shevon, Scarlett Fay, Jesse Andrews, Angelica Lane, Evan Stone, James Deen, Rocco Reed, Jack and Ron Jeremy." It's out on DVD April 15, 2011, so you can file your taxes on the last possible date and spend your refund money on porn in the same day. (Bloody Disgusting)


Earlier Reports Were Wrong, THIS Is The Greatest Event In Television History

Please inform neighbors and loved ones. Earlier reports that the Simon & Simon opening credits recreation starring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm was The Greatest Event in Television History were incorrect. It is, in fact, this recreation of the Hart to Hart opening credit sequence starring beloved star Amy Poehler and working actor Scott that is The Greatest Event in Television History. I apologize for any previous confusions.


'The Greatest Event In Television History' Almost Lives Up To Its Name

Of course, it's Adult Swim, so you know there's no chance that they're not going to take the opportunity to screw with their audience. And honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way. With all the build-up of the Adult Swim marketing machine, fans of both Cartoon Network and the countless stars attached to the project were expecting...something. And something is exactly what they got. If by "something," you meant a "shot-for-shot remake of the Simon & Simon opening credits but with Jon Hamm and Adam Scott in the lead roles." Just watch, ok?


Watch The Trailer For ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’, You Sell Out

Morgan Spurlock has some ideas about what products you should buy. Morgan Spurlock specializes in making documentaries with a gimmick. As an easy example, take Super Size Me. In it, Spurlock documents his experiment to see what would happen to the human body if it subsisted on nothing but McDonald's for an entire month. And in his latest, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Spurlock documents what happens to a movie if it subsists entirely on product placement. The result is a movie that is chock full of ads - but does that really make it that different from the average blockbuster? Remember when Tony Stark got Burger King in Iron Man - that alone paid for Iron Man's jet-boots. Anyway, the movie looks pretty funny, but I don't know how important an issue product placement really is. For example, there's a clip of an interview with some guy who says the audience should be alerted every time they're exposed to advertising in a movie. Wouldn't that just be annoying? Think about it while you enjoy an ice-cold Slurpee™ from 7-11. (via Yahoo!)