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Links Away: The Fantastic Mr. Starfox

This is the perfect parody for anyone who like video games, Wes Anderson, and half-hearted attempts at celebrity voice impressions. (CollegeHumor)

Do a barrel roll and click these links:

Interview With the Man Behind “Stuff White People Like” (AdultSwim)

The 10 SXSW Films With the Most to Prove (MovieLine)

The Most Effective Protesters Ever (HolyTaco)

Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp, and a Blow-Up Doll (FilmDrunk)

Rachel Bilson’s GQ Outtakes (CelebJihad)

Parks and Recreation” Goes Casablanca (Unreality)

Mia Wasikowska Talks Jane Eyre (MovieFone)

Why Amy Winehouse Should Make a Comeback Now (PopEater)

The Real Reasons Americans Are Overweight (Smosh)

The Top Seven American Utopian Experiments (Ranker)

Video: Highwire Fishing Like a Boss (BroBible)

Maxim Covergirl Brittany Snow (Maxim)

Gary Oldman: Simply a Bloody Good Actor (Pajiba)

Why NOTHING is the Next Twilight (NextMovie)

Kurt Pellegrino Eats 17 Activia Yogurts, Farts a Lot (CagePotato)

Get Ripped On the Road (MadeMan)

Underhell: Half Life 2 Mod (GameFront)

Model Ana Hickman Faceplants At Carnival (TuVez)

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