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Links Away: The Eye of Sauron – Home And Office Edition

Some crafty nerds over at UK-based web design firm The Technology Studio rigged up this real-life Eye of Sauron, complete with catchphrases and creepy moving abilities. Pretty soon these things will replace Skype as the video conferencing vehicle of choice. (Vulture)

There are no links in the void:

Robot Unicorn Attack – The Game (AdultSwim)

The Hobbit‘s Troubled 75-Year Journey From Page To Screen (MovieLine)

Would You Eat At Fat Ho Burgers? (BarstoolSports)

Yelp’s New Hipster Label (HolyTaco)

Steven Seagal Brings A Tank To A Cockfight (FilmDrunk)

Selena Gomez Dating Ugly Girl (CelebJihad)

Vader Finds A Soulmate (Unreality)

Elizabeth Taylor’s 10 Best Movies (MovieFone)

Five Ways A Normal Person Can Date A Celebrity (PopEater)

20 Epic Toy Fails (Smosh)

The Oldest Companies In The World (Ranker)

Brooklyn Was A Marijuana Jungle In 1951 (BroBible)

The 2011 Sex Survey (Maxim)

Jennifer Aniston‘s Ugliest Role (Pajiba)

Five Awesome Sucker Punch Clips (NextMovie)

Michale Bisping’s Half-Assed Apology (CagePotato)

The Sexy Dames Of Sucker Punch (MadeMan)

Crysis 2 Walkthrough (GameFront)

Hugo Chavez On Mars And Capitalism (TuVez)

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