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Links Away: ‘The Exorcist’ Reimagined In Clay

Courtesy of claymation artist Lee Hardcastle, this oddly disturbing video features a humorous rendering of horror classic The Exorcist. This ain’t no ‘Wallace and Gromit’ folks. (Vulture)

If these links were made of clay you’d have trouble clicking on them. Good thing they’re not:

11 Movie Characters Melodromatically Announcing Who They Are (MovieLine)

Extreme Stic Fighting (BarstoolSports)

18 Reasons Glenn Beck Doesn’t Trust Google (HolyTaco)

A Baby Trashes the Palms Hotel (FilmDrunk)

Justin Bieber Wears Girl Panties (CelebJihad)

What’s the Worst Show On TV? (Unreality)

Weekend Movie Preview (MovieFone)

Brooklyn Decker is Officially an Actress (PopEater)

15 Celebrities Who Look Like Dogs (Smosh)

The 10 Most Unhealthy Restaurant Meals (Ranker)

Chinese Man Had a Knife Stuck In His Head for Four Years (BroBible)

Today’s Girl: Diane Kruger (Maxim)

The Many Contorted Faces of Neo-Noir (Pajiba)

That Movie Show With Bobby Miller (NextMovie)

Who’s to Blame for Fedor’s Downfall (CagePotato)

Hollywood’s Hottest Good Girls (MadeMan)

Live Action Minecraft Fan Film (GameFront)

Smartphone Apps for Hispanic People (TuVez)

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