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Links Away: The Dark Side of Transformers

Having a car that can transform into fighting robot would be pretty great, apart for one thing. Ouch. (Break)

These links are pretty much exactly what meets the eye:

Play Some Hipster Kickball (AdultSwim)

Will Smith Projects That’ll Probably Never Happen (MovieLine)

Charlie Sheen’s First Twitter Post (BarstoolSports)

Ten Things Located Inside of People (HolyTaco)

The Best Quotes From Charlie Sheen’s Howard Stern Interview (FilmDrunk)

Taylor Swift Shocking Racist Photo (CelebJihad)

Bulletstorm = Shakespeare (Unreality)

Exclusive Rango Clip (MovieFone)

Katie Holmes Sues Magazine for $50 million (PopEater)

Ten Epic Hair Faces (Smosh)

The Ten Fattest Criminals of All Time (Ranker)

Basketball Trick Shots (BroBible)

Today’s Girl: Teresa Palmer (Maxim)

Eight Celebrities You Have to Be a Serious Douchebag to Dislike (Pajiba)

Movie Stars As Animated Characters (NextMovie)

UFC 128 Trailer (CagePotato)

Man of the Moment: Holt McCallany (MadeMan)

Something About Duke Nukem (GameFront)

Boba Fett Plays the Legend of Zelda Theme (TuVez)

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