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Links Away: The Alien Movie Supercut

Every alien movie ever made in just four minutes. It’s like Christmas but instead of presents you get aliens and instead of a national holiday it’s a YouTube video. Just like Chirstmas. (BuzzFeed)

Filthy jawas:

Jenna Fisher Cuteness (Movieline)

Xbox Thug Freaks On Mortal Kombat (BarStoolSports)

The Rapture Was Awesome (HolyTaco)

Portman/Kunia United (FilmDrunk)

Snooki Gets Busted! (CelebJihad)

Real Life Legends of Sonic (Unreality)

The Hangover 2 Unscripted (Moviefone)

Teen Mom Pregnant Again (PopEater)

Brazilian Pirate Booty (Smosh)

The Greatest Soundtracks Of All Time (Ranker)

Charles Barkley Speaks His mind (BroBible)

The Hottest Office Assistant (Maxim)

Cronenberg & Viggo Are Back! (Pajiba)

Boner Inducing Babes (NextMovie)

Nick Diaz Gives Up Boxing Dream (CagePotato)

10 Actresses To Keep An Eye On (MadeMan)

Japan And Its Sexy Children (GameFront)

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