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Links Away: That’s Not My Face! A Body-Switching Montage

The “oh my god we switched bodies” gimmick has been used time and again in the entertainment world, most recently in Jake Gyllenhaal‘s upcoming science fiction flick Source Code. Here’s a supercut that compiles all your favorite body-switching moments into one convenient video. After you watch it, look in the mirror. Oh shit, you’re Rob Schneider! Kill yourself immediately. (Vulture)

Whoa these links are all mixed up! Not really, though:

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Kim Kardashian GIF (CelebJihad)

Ash Ketchum Was A Girl (Unreality)

15 UK Comics Funnier Than Russell Brand (MovieFone)

Courtney Cox Is Still Hot (PopEater)

The 10 Types Of Zombies (Smosh)

Weird Stories About Finding Dead Bodies (Ranker)

Attractive Colombian Model (BroBible)

Dreamcasting The Great Gatsby (Pajiba)

Women With Tools (Maxim)

Movie Stars As Animated Characters (NextMovie)

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Nuclear Dawn Walkthrough (GameFront)

How To Take A Punch (MadeMan)

Justin Bieber Meets Slipknot (TuVez)

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