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Links Away: Steven Seagal Breaks A Lot Of Bones

After several violent decades as an action hero for hire, Steven Seagal has amassed quite the kill count. Even more impressive, however, is the number of bones he’s broken. The guy appears to have a bone-breaking fetish. Just look at his face. He loves it. (FilmDrunk)

No bones were broken in the making of these links:

Your Very Own Cardboard Box (AdultSwim)

David Lynch Talks Duran Duran (MovieLine)

Local Smokeshow of the Day (BarstoolSports)

Holy Taco Teaches You About America (HolyTaco)

That Friday Chick Is A Millionaire. Duh. (FilmDrunk)

Rachel McAdams GIF (CelebJihad)

South Park Comes To Life (Unreality)

The Biggest Slackers In Movies (MovieFone)

Ja Rule Evades His Taxes(PopEater)

Eight Things That Make Men Cry (Smosh)

Cat Power Is Hot (Ranker)

Opening A Beer With A Chainsaw (BroBible)

Today’s Girl: Ashley Greene(Maxim)

Conan O’Brien: Kind Of A Dick (Pajiba)

Movie Titles Plus Math Equals Difficulty (NextMovie)

Before They Were MMA Stars (CagePotato)

How To Make Killer Grilled Cheese (MadeMan)

Steam To Feature Video Recording And Filmmaking Tools (GameFront)

Behold The Salsa Dog (TuVez)

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