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Links Away: See More ’30 Minutes Or Less’ Footage

These apes won’t rise. Not very far, anyway.

And now for links:

Harry Potter Beats Twilight (Movieline)

Simmons Is Lookin’ Good (BarstoolSports)

Lifesize Lego Statues (Holytaco)

Ruben Fleischer Is Full of Sh*t (FilmDrunk)

Katy Perry Adjusts Her Bobs (CelebJihad)

Amazing Stop Motion Street Fighter (Unreality)

Freida Pinto Sexiness (Moviefone)

The Best Latte Artwork (Smosh)

Best Hangover Foods (Ranker)

Building The Ultimate Sound System (BroBible)

Gia Allemand Hotness (Maxim)

The Biggest Box Office Spec Hits (Pajiba)

Hunger Games Catches Fire With Sequel (NextMovie)

Porn Does MMA (CagePotato)

Dilshad Vadsaria Hotness (MadeMan)

Why PCs Are Better Than Consoles (GameFront)

Top 5 Latino Stereotypes (TuVez)


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