Links Away: ‘Se7en’ Ending Retold With Plush Toys

So it turns out the ending to Se7en is no less disturbing when all the characters are replaced by stuffed animals.

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We Now Get 'Se7en' Remade As A Fake 8-Bit Video Game. Hurray!

"8-Bit Kevin Spacey" is the name of my noise rock band. We're playing a show next week. You should totally come. I don't know what's so funny about seeing complex films juxtaposed against the simplistic plots and graphics of 8-bit films. Wait. Yes I do. It's what I just said. That's why they're funny. The guys behind 8-Bit Cinema have done it again, this time by taking the dark world of David Fincher's Se7en and giving it the NES treatment. Though, to be fair, this looks a little more like SNES 16-bit graphics, but I'm not here to upset the apple cart. Just watch the video. It's very funny to watch two noir detectives investigate heinous crimes in such a ridiculous context. I wish this was a real game.


Links Away: Entourage Alternate Ending

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'Kidnapped' Might Be The Most Disturbing Film You See This Decade

If you like foreign films, but prefer home invasions and graphic rapes to that 'Amelie' crap, this is your cup of tea. Now that the headline has sucked you in, let's talk about Kidnapped. It's a Spanish-language film about an upper-class family whose quiet night at home is interrupted by some masked home invaders. The film then takes a graphic and disturbing turn as the criminals put the family through hell. Screen Junkies editor, Ian, caught this film at FantasticFest and claimed it to be "the most horrific film I've ever seen." I try every day to horrify Ian with my writing, and, I assure you, he's usually unflappable. Beyond the gore, violence, and generally disturbing action, there's something more to this film, however. Director Miguel Angel Vivas constructed the film around twelve shots. While this approach could be (and has been) dismissed as gimmicky I have been told that it not only works, but serves the tension and story well. Kidnapped hits theaters via IFC on June 17. Lock your doors.


This Is Going To End In Death

Michael Barnett's Sundance documentary 'Superheroes' is an exploration into the culture of real-life vigilantes and real-life people who want to make a difference by dressing up as Slipknot. Well, these superheroes broke the number one rule of being a superhero by revealing their secret lair. You're never supposed to do that, superheroes. Anyway, this clip is from Michael Barnett's Sundance documentary Superheroes. It's in an exploration into the culture of real-life vigilantes and real-life people who want to make a difference by dressing up as Slipknot. I can understand wanting to move out of Detroit, but if your real goal is to fight crime it seems like that's the place to be. Sure, your bike might get stolen in Brooklyn, but they'll steal the eyeballs right out of your head in Detroit. And that's just the police I'm talking about. "Umm, I just wanted to fight crime so I came to Brooklyn because I, umm, figured, like, there would be some there." Quick question, did this guy name himself 'Lucid' ironically? Because we already have enough ironic people in Brooklyn thanks much. (MTV)


Honest Trailers - Toy Story

Pixar's latest film Inside Out is about to hit theaters, so it's time to relive the very FIRST Pixar film ever - Toy Story! Pixar's latest film Inside Out is about to hit theaters, so it's time to relive the very FIRST Pixar film ever - Toy Story! Got a tip? Email us ? Follow us on Twitter ? Like us on Facebook ? Thanks again to Will Sasso for playing Randy Newman! Follow him around the internet - @ WillSasso. Original music by: Greg O'Connor - and Original music by: Sean Motley Voiceover Narration by Jon: Title design by Robert Holtby Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Erica Russell, and Andy Signore Edited by Dan Murrell, Anthony Falleroni, and Jason Inman


'Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation' Trailer Is a Little Ken-Heavy For My Tastes

If I was running Pixar, I would be reluctant to say goodbye to the Toy Story cash cow, too. If I was running Pixar, I would be reluctant to say goodbye to the Toy Story cash cow, too. Since it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, the animation behemoth has decided to run a Toy Story short before this summer's Cars 2. It makes sense that they would use the beloved toys to buoy the interest in the inferior Cars franchise, but it's hard not to view this death rattle as a bit of a down note on which the series will end. Much like Michael Jordan's myriad comebacks. As for the trailer itself, it makes Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation appear pretty derivative by Pixar's high standards. When did the writers use Brady Bunch plots as inspiration? The trailer focuses on Barbie and Ken, the two Shrek-iest chracters in the Toy Story universe. That Ken! Such a diva with his luggage and ambiguous sexuality! (Vulture)


New ‘Cars 2' Trailer Ends With A Douche

'Cars 2' - with spies! Pixar's upcoming Cars 2 somehow manages to make a sequel to Cars seem a little bit exciting. It accomplishes this pretty simply: By adding spies. If it's a hit, I expect Disney to apply this formula to some of their other least-loved movies - Treasure Planet 2 - with spies, Home on the Range 2 - with spies, Fantasia 2000 2 - with spies. In the hopes of making that last one happen, I have a personal interest in the success of Cars 2, so I'm allowing you to watch the trailer right here. Go ahead and send the link to your friends too. As an added bonus, you'll get to figure out what the headline means. (via The Latino Review)


'Margin Call' Trailer Offers Up The End Of Days For A Corporation

'Margin Call: Money Has Insomnia' I don't know if "financial thriller" is much of a genre, but that seems to be squarely where Margin Call falls after watching this trailer. Boasting an impressive cast of Stanley Tucci, Zachary Quinto, Kevin Spacey, Carla Gugino, and Michael Nardelli, this film seems to exist largely in the confines of an office building as a failing company breaks the rules to stay afloat. While the trailer offers that the film is "inspired by real events," that mirrors Lehma Brothers' collapse, it could have easily been modeled after a half-dozen other firms. The trailer sells the film as a serious, taught drama, but the repercussions of the principals actions isn't known. Something tells me that they won't live happily ever after. Margin Call hits theaters on October 21.