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Links Away: Robot Dude Builds Crazy Robots

Special effects wizard and robotics master John Nolan builds some mighty impressive stuff. This video explores the weird, wild, and completely awesome world of animatronics he’s built around himself. CGI be damned; this stuff is far cooler. (BoingBoing)

Oh shit the links are robots, too! Ruuuuun!

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Boy Wears Skirt To School (BarStoolSports)

Dilbert Meets 1984 (HolyTaco)

Pastor Steals From Steven Seagal (FilmDrunk)

Julianne Hough Rocks The Bikini (CelebJihad)

If Portal 2 Was Made In The 70s (Unreality)

Top 25 Comic Book Movies (MovieFone)

Behold, The Creepy LiLo Picture (PopEater)

How To Not Get A Summer Job (Smosh)

Fictional Companies You Should Work For (Ranker)

Man Builds Badass Jetpack (BroBible)

Confessions of Cameron Diaz (Maxim)

Remember Sinbad? (Pajiba)

5 Questions For Geoffry Rush (NextMovie)

15 Minutes Of Hematomas (CagePotato)

What Happened To Cuba Gooding? (MadeMan)

How To Kill George Romero (GameFront)

Sabrina Ravelli Hotness (TuVez)

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