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Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’

It's not as cool when you see how it's done.

Here are your weekend links.

James Franco‘s Indie Sandwich (Movieline)

Michael Vega Is Fat (BarStoolSports)

The Government’s New Diet (Holytaco)

You Just Dont Get It Mashup (FilmDrunk)

Leah Michele Forgets Pants (CelebJihad)

The Nerdiest Proposals Ever (Unreality)

The Hot Babes Of X-Men (MovieFone)

Jen Aniston And Justin Theroux? (PopEater)

The Best Cartoon Theme Songs (Smosh)

The Greatest Survival Horror Games Ever (Ranker)

Tamara Ecclestone Hotness (BroBible)

Emma Stone Hotness (Maxim)

Megan Fox Not Gross (Pajiba)

McAvoy vs Stewart (Nextmovie)

Pellegrino Gets Serious (CagePotato)

Kate Upton Hotness (MadeMan)

Cole Phelps Is A Horrible Detective (GameFront)

Anna Simon Hotness (TuVez)

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