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Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘The Graduate’

Come and get some, Benjamin.

Here are your weekend links.

“Eagleheart” Season Finale (AdultSwim)

The Evolution of Dwayne Johnson (MovieLine)

News Reporter Smokebomb Of The Week (BarstoolSports)

The Home Of The Future Will Feature Sperm Retrieval Machines (HolyTaco)

Phone Sex Grandma Is Amazing (FilmDrunk)

Naughty Royal Family (CelebJihad)

Hank Hill Lives (Unreality)

This Week In Movie (MovieFone)

Nicole Richie In A Bikini (PopEater)

The Nine Most Requested Celebrity Noses (Ranker)

Sophie Turner Is Hot (BroBible)

Commercials That Make Your Blood Boil (Pajiba)

Of Orcs And Men (GameFront)

The Science Of The NFL Draft (MadeMan)

Cuban Music Lesson (TuVez)

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