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Links Away Photobomb Friday: ‘Planet Of The Apes’

"Damn you! Damn you for sculpting dat ass so sweetly!"

Here are your weekend links.

Nicki Minaj Comes To Hollywood (MovieLine)

Smokeshow Of The Day (BarstoolSports)

Five Fun Things To Do At Your Temp Job (HolyTaco)

A Game Of Thrones RPG (Unreality)

Jonah Hill Cusses Out Little Kids (FilmDrunk)

Freida Pinto (MovieFone)

The Psychological Diseases Of Disney Princesses (Smosh)

Celebrities On Google Plus (Ranker)

Bro Of The Week (BroBible)

Creepiest Interspecies Hookups (Maxim)

Profanity Does Not Make Things Funny (Pajiba)

Stars Pick Who They’d Switch Bodies With (NextMovie)

Mike Swick Injured Again (CagePotato)

How To Make Your Place A Better Wingman (MadeMan)

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough (GameFront)

Know Your Latin American Beers (TuVez)

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