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Links Away: People In Movies Are Super Polite

Maybe I hang out with the wrong people, but in my experience no one ever says “now if you’ll excuse me” before whisking off to do something important. I vow to change that. I also vow to start wearing a top hat and carrying a little handkerchief in my pocket. Like a boss. Who frequently excuses himself.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are some links down there that need clicking:

Better Looking People Are Smarter (Asylum)

Local Smokeshow of the Day (BarstoolSports)

Five MMA Fighters Who Beat Addiction (CagePotato)

This Man Will Heal You With a Stare (HolyTaco)

Glenn Beck Loved the Spider-Man Musical (FilmDrunk)

The Cars of Cars 2 (MovieFone)

Jennifer Aniston Desperate to Breed (CelebJihad)

The X-Men Family Tree (Unreality)

The Tiger Was Too Small and Other Mansion Party Tales (MadeMan)

Five Funny News Clips to Start Your Week (Maxim)

Nicolas Cage: The Music Video (BroBible)

Pac-Man Gets a Reality Show (Smosh)

10 Must-See Venues for Diehard Sports Fans (TotalProSports)

The Hispanic Hotties of the Golden Globes (TuVez)

Sex In Space (Pajiba)

Why Don’t People Get Kanye West‘s Jokes? (PopEater)

The 13 Most Awesomely Offensive Ricky Gervais Bits (Ranker)

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