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Links Away: People Going Through Windows Mash-Up

A montage of people meeting glass entitled Defenestration the Movie. If one thing came out of it, it’s that I learned “defenestration” is the act of someone going through a window. Kind of bummed they missed the opening scene from Wanted. It’s quite possibly the most epic example of defenestration ever. (Everything Is Terrible)

These links won’ break.

Five Terrible Traditions to Avoid This Holiday Season (Asylum)

Porn Hotels Give you Free Rooms If You Let Them Film You Having Sex (BarstoolSports)

The Tuesday Afternoon Rumor Funhouse (CagePotato)

How Douchebags Like to Keep You Informed of Their Douchebaggery on Facebook (HolyTaco)

Adam Sandler Has Too Much Money (FilmDrunk)

10 Reasons to See Scott Pilgrim on DVD (MovieFone)

Halle Berry Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Duck (CelebJihad)

Time to Start Capturing Kinect Injuries on Video (Unreality)

Eight Misconceptions Guys Have About Dating (MadeMan)

Cobie Smulders: How We Met Your Dream Girl (Maxim)

Video Game Nerd Whines About Video Game Story (BroBible)

Twilight Breaking Dawn: More Sex Than Ever! (Smosh)

Cheerleader Wardrobe Malfunction (TotalProSports)

Baby Jams to Bob Marley (TuVez)

The Middle Child of the Late Night Wars (Pajiba)

50 Cent Teams Up With Keenan Cahill (PopEater)

The Top Five Religions That Would Make Great Games (Ranker)

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