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Links Away: My Little Hangover

It’s a pony-infused Hangover parody. Classy stuff. (BuzzFeed)

These links have very little to do with ponies:

Captain America Is All That (MovieLine)

How New York Sees The West (BarstoolSports)

Why It’s Okay To Miss Comic Con (Holytaco)

Paranormal 3 Trailer! (FilmDrunk)

Ariana Grande Upskirt Performance (CelebJihad)

Historically Accurate Ninja Turtles (Unreality)

Adam West On Comic Con (PopEater)

Tug Of War Is Better In Japan (Smosh)

The Comic Con Survival Guide (Ranker)

The Hottest Girls In Entourage History (BroBible)

Hayley Atwell Hotness (Maxim)

Hot Snow White Pics (Pajiba)

Pat Barry Loses Wisdom Teeth (CagePotato)

Star Wars Old Republic Comic Con Trailer (GameFront)

Hispanic Comic Book Characters (TuVez)


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