Links Away: My Little Hangover

It's a pony-infused 'Hangover' parody.

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Zach Galifianakis Buys A Giraffe In 'The Hangover Part III' Teaser Trailer

He's one step closer to 'We Bought A Zoo' status. Todd Phillips promised that The Hangover Part III wouldn't be another rehash of what made the original great. After watching this teaser trailer for the final chapter in the trilogy, I'm worried that Todd Phillips doesn't know what the word "rehash" means. Thus I'm happy to present the first teaser trailer for this summer's biggest comedy. Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis,Ed Helms, and some form of exotic animal return to have crazy adventures with Las Vegas gangsters one more time.


It’s A Wolfpack Of TV Spots For ‘Hangover 2', Brohans

You get not one, not two, not seventeen, but *four* new TV spots for 'The Hangover Part II'. The Wolfpack is back, you guys. That means you get not one, not two, not seventeen, but four new TV spots for The Hangover Part II, directed by Todd Phillips. One for each Wolfpack member, cause I'm counting the monkey that everyone is so excited about. Especially me. There isn't a ton of new footage, but spot #2 is pretty damn funny. Creepy Zach Galifianakis is always good for a laugh - Tim & Eric fans know what I'm talking about. (Incidentally, does anyone know where my chippy has gone to?) Ed Helms does a lot of freaking out, Ken Jeong does a lot of obnoxious laughing, and Bradley Cooper keeps the pack together. "I can't believe this is happening again." Well, Ed Helms, you spent several months filming the sequel, so I kind of find that hard to believe. The pack blacks out and wakes up in theaters with a foggy memory again on May 26th.


The Muppets Parody Green Lantern In New Teaser Trailer

Kermit may do a better raspy Ryan Reynolds than even Ryan Reynolds himself. [post-album postid="11841" item="2"]We've already seen The Muppets skewer romantic comedies and The Hangover, and now they've got Green Lantern on lock. In this new parody teaser trailer, Kermit may do a better raspy Ryan Reynolds than even Ryan Reynolds himself. Chris Cooper also brings the mean to Kermie's green as the new villain, and the film promises that it will not, I repeat will NOT, be in Swedish. Seems like a diss to the Swedish Chef, especially when it doesn't take much to send him flying off the handle. The Muppets run wildly into theaters November 23, 2011.