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Links Away: Man Does Shakespeare In Celebrity Voices

This guy does Ron Howard better than Ron Howard. Quite impressive. (YouTube)

Click yonder links:

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Lonliness: The Game (Unreality)

Adam West On Comic Con (Moviefone)

Brad Cooper Is A Serious Actor (PopEater)

When Bieber Turns 50 (Smosh)

The Most Badass Game Characters Of All Time (Ranker)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gallery (BroBible)

Maxim’s Hot Assistant (Maxim)

Chris Evans Eyebrows Are Amazing (Pajiba)

Why Comic Con Isn’t For Geeks Anymore (NextMovie)

Insane MMA Fan Tattoos (CagePotato)

How To Score With J Lo (MadeMan)

Tropico 4 Looks Badass! (Gamefront)

George Lopez: Trend Of The Knight (TuVez)


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