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Links Away: Look Back At ‘Harry Potter’ And Weep

Warner Bros. put together this video that looks back at all the Harry Potter films, from when Mr. Potter was a bright-eyed boy wizard through his transformation into the evil-battling spell-master he’d become. Grab a box of tissues before you hit play. I know goodbyes aren’t your forte.

These links will keep your mind occupied.

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When Worlds Collide (Unreality)

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Amanda Seyfriend Hotness (PopEater)

Celebrity Derps (Smosh)

The Craziest Bacon Recipes (Ranker)

The Greatest Athlete Pranks (BroBible)

Jennifer Connelly Hotness (Maxim)

America’s Sweethearts (Pajiba)

The Girls Night In (NextMovie)

Ken Shamrocks Wants To Stab You (CagePotato)

The Hottest Womens World Cup Team (MadeMan)

Cargasm Recreates San Fran (GameFront)

How NOT To Visit Latin America (TuVez)


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