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'Smashed' Trailer: Aaron Paul And Mary Elizabeth Winstead Get Wastypants

Featuring Nick Offerman. Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been getting rave reviews for her performance in Smashed. Now having viewed the trailer, I can I see why. Look at her drinking in the shower and riding bikes and playing pool. She's the perfect girl! Until she decides to throw all of that away like a fool. And that's the plot of Smashed. Winstead and Aaron Paul redefine their relationship when they agree to give up drinking and drugging and, in her case, make-up as well.


'Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials' Trailer Shows Restraint By Not Using That Smashing Pumpkins Song

Despite all his rage, he is still just a rat in a cage. The sequel to last year's hit, The Maze Runner, frees our teenage heroes from the Dystopian maze that tried to murder them and takes them on an all expenses paid trip to San Francisco. Unfortunately, it's all a desert now and also trying to murder them. This time, Game of Thrones' Aiden Gillen joins the series as the adult trying to kill children via elaborate traps and experimentation after they escape his compound and flee to the outside world. But what is the outside world for young adults than just a really big maze, y'know?


If 'Full House' Were A Horror Movie

A lot of strange doings in that house on the hill. If this Full House Without Michelle video posited that Danny Tanner could be insane, this video does a damn fine job of putting the final nail in that coffin. This out-of-context edit turns World's Best Dad Danny Tanner into World's Creepiest Oh My God He's A Monster Call The Police Dad. Honestly, in hindsight the Tanner household was terrifying and weird and that's not even taking into account Uncle Joey's woodchuck puppet. No wonder Stephanie got into meth.


New Trailer For 'American Horror Story: Coven'

What are the odds that some of them are sexy? Rather than get those cryptic teasers that give us a clown crying, or a woman who may or may not have had a baby cut out of her, we get a little more clarity from this AHS trailer. In addition to sliding the setting over to New Orleans (because Anne Rice and True Blood were sorta on to something with that bayou vibe), we find out that the coven is a coven...OF WITCHES. Hmm. More intuitive fans may have pieced that together. The videos appear to play successively automatically, but in the event I somehow screwed that up, watch them over at the A.V. Club, but promise you'll come right back to our site after you do.