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Links Away: Lil Jon Remixes ‘Sesame Street’

Rap’s most prolific shouter, Lil Jon, remixed the “Sesame Street” theme because why not? The lyrics always needed more “MOTHERF*CKERS!” in them.

Today’s links start with the letter YEEEEAH!

Basketball Teammates Who Touch Each Other More Win More (Asylum)

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Check Out the Preview for Jorge Rivera’s Incredible Looking Documentary (CagePotato)

25 Bizarre Propaganda Posters (HolyTaco)

White Dog, the Shelved Movie About a Racist Dog, Comes to Netflix Instant (FilmDrunk)

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine Go Unscripted (MovieFone)

Kelly Brooks Wears Tights, Proves Allah Exists (CelebJihad)

Gob Bluth Stops By Sesame Street (Unreality)

Top Eight Videos of Rock Stars Falling Off Stage (Maxim)

What Her Facebook Pics Say About Her (MadeMan)

25 Hilarious Sign Hacks (Smosh)

16 ‘Athletes‘ Featured on the Cover of Playboy (TotalProSports)

The Greatest Goal Every Scored (TuVez)

I’m rachel McAdams, a Badass Skinny White Girl (Pajiba)

John Mayer Throws Cold Water on Giada de Laurentiis Rumors (PopEater)

The 13 Most Sexually Aggressive Cartoon Characters (Ranker)

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