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Links Away: James Franco Tongues James Franco

What does the man who has everything desire most? Himself, apparently. Does this count as art? (NY Times)

I touched myself while assembling these links:

Marriage Makes Men Nicer (Asylum)

Crazy Russians Bungee Sledding Off a Roof (BarstoolSports)

What Can We Learn From St. Pierre Vs. Koscheck I? (CagePotato)

Inception In Real Time (FilmDrunk)

Best Boxing Movies of All Time (MovieFone)

Angelina Jolie’s Nine Sexiest Roles (NextMovie)

Risque Emma Watson Photoshoot (CelebJihad)

Yoda Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before (Unreality)

Katy Perry Does Maxim (Maxim)

Secrets of the Amazon (MadeMan)

10 Things Worse Than Catching the Flu (Smosh)

Frozen Fisticuffs of the Night (TotalProSports)

Mariachi Tribute to John Lennon (TuVez)

When Serial Killers Sing (Pajiba)

Franco, Portman, Douglas Take On Silent Film Project (PopEater)

The Top Eight Rebound Relationships In Video Games (Ranker)

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