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Links Away: It’s Showtime! In Supercut Form

Once again, the Internet has produced a record of how frequently Hollywood abuses certain catch phrases. This time, it’s showtime. As in “it’s showtime.” As in, something mildly important is about to happen in this movie and one of the characters is announcing it in the most obvious way possible. (BuzzFeed)

And now it’s link time:

Weekend Movie Preview (MovieFone)

A Charlie Sheen Party Timeline (MovieLine)

Cromartie Just Made Matt Hasselbeck His Bitch (BarstoolSports)

25 Girls Bungee Jumping (HolyTaco)

Everything Will Be Made Into a Porn (FilmDrunk)

January Jones In and Out of a Bikini (CelebJihad)

Mega Man In Medieval Times (Unreality)

Oscar Nominees Acted Out With Legos (PopEater)

Better In Japan: Happy Meals (Smosh)

The Seven Greatest Bill Murray Stories Ever Told (Ranker)

Charlie Sheen’s Latest Porn Star Accomplice (BroBible)

Today’s Girl: Alexa Vega (Maxim)

An Open Letter to Kevin Smith (Pajiba)

A History of Chuck Taylors In Film (NextMovie)

52 Year Old Dan Severn to Fight for Heavyweight Title This Weekend (CagePotato)

What She Thinks of Your Facial Hair (MadeMan)

How Much Will the Sony NGP Cost? (GameFront)

Monk Throws Sewing Needle Through a Piece of Glass (TuVez)

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