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Links Away: Hustler Skewers ‘Jeopardy!’

Perhaps they’re running out of ideas, or perhaps this is just what America needs. In any case, Hustler‘s upcoming parody of popular long-running game show “Jeopardy!” is bound to be the most educational porno of the last ten years. Either that or it’ll just involve a lot of dick jokes and double entendre. (WarmingGlow)

I’ll take links for $100 and also some shame:

The Top-Five Candidates for an EGOT (MovieLine)

How Not to Drink Flaming Everclear (BarstoolSports)

Holy Taco’s Guide to Sexting (HolyTaco)

Someone Made a Three-Hour Resevoir Dogs Porno (FilmDrunk)

Cameron Diaz is Super Ripped (CelebJihad)

Alice In Wonderland Demonstrates Drug Use (Unreality)

10 Movies The Oscars Made Famous (MovieFone)

The Most Uncomfortable Talk Show Moments (PopEater)

Seven Reasons Why a Pet Monkey is a Horrible Idea (Smosh)

The 13 Hottest Wonder Woman Costumes In Pop Culture History (Ranker)

150 of the Greatest Movie Lines and Catchphrases (BroBible)

Meet the New Wonder Woman (Maxim)

Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Married/Kind-of-Married (Pajiba)

Nine Reasons to Watch the Oscars (NextMovie)

Rico Rodriguez On Why the UFC Won’t Have Him Back (CagePotato)

2011 Oscars Cheat Sheet (MadeMan)

Dead Island Trailer Parodies (GameFront)

Raiden is a Terrible Roommate (TuVez)

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