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Links Away: How To Talk To Your Kids About ‘Star Wars’

Talk to your kids about sex is easy, but talking to them about Star Wars is hard. Where do you start? How detailed do you get? Do you bring up the tabooed Jar Jar Binks? Luckly Asylum put together a video to help all you daddies out. I’ll file it for later use. MUCH later use.

Use these links to psych you up for the talk.

Buy Your Own Space Shuttle (Asylum)

Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher (BarstoolSports)

And Now He’s Fired: Gerald Harris (CagePotato)

Seven Celebrity TSA Body Scans (HolyTaco)

Finish Killer Santa Claus Loves Severed Pig Heads (FilmDrunk)

Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway Talk Nude Scenes (MovieFone)

7 Movie Franchises Get Disney-Fied (NextMovie)

Chris Brown Finally Done Being Persecuted (CelebJihad)

Hoth On Earth (Unreality)

Fine Ladies With Food (Maxim)

Festive Face-Off: A Brief History of Thanksgiving (MadeMan)

10 Thanksgiving Guests We’re Least Thankful to See (Smosh)

Like Father Like Son: Marcus Jordan Slams One Home (TotalProSports)

The Boomerang Ball (TuVez)

Somehow, Someone Has Made Russel Brand Adorable (Pajiba)

Angelina Jolie Boycotts Thanksgiving (PopEater)

Top Eight Pro Athletes Convicted of Murder (Ranker)

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  1. November 24, 2010 3:29 pm


    just er, skip around that whole ‘Luke kissing Leia’ thing and you’ll be fine.

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