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Links Away: Homemade ‘Dodgeball’ Scene

A man with too much time on his hands goes all Eddie Murphy by playing each character in a reenactment of the Dodgeball wrench-throwing scene. Squint your eyes and you’ll swear it’s Vince Vaughn, Justin Long, and Rip Torn.

Slap on a beard and reenact these links.

Easily Distracted People are More Creative (Asylum)

Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day (BarstoolSports)

Lee Murray’s Prison Sentence Increased from 10 to 25 Years (CagePotato)

25 People Riding Inappropriate Animals (HolyTaco)

Trailer for the Rent is Too Damn High Documentary (FilmDrunk)

Exclusive Tron: Legacy Featurette (MovieFone)

Marisa Miller’s Epic Cleavage (CelebJihad)

Potter Devotion Gone Too Far (Unreality)

Today’s Girl: Natalie Portman (Maxim)

Olivia Wilde Gallery (MadeMan)

Real Life Invisible Man (Smosh)

The Simpsons Mock the Detroit Lions (TotalProSports)

George Lopez Makes a Fool of Himself on Conan’s Show (TuVez)

A Single Look That Can Sell a Million Movie Tickets (Pajiba)

John Mayer Has His Eye on Eva (PopEater)

Top 18 Craziest Naked Women in News Report History (Ranker)

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