Links Away: Hollywood's Most Prolific Extra

Jesse Heiman has been in all your favorite movies. Just not in roles you'd remember.

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Extra! Extra! 'Page One' Trailer Now Online!

An inside look at the world's most prestigious newspaper feels a bit like a middle school field trip. Page One: Inside the New York Times delivers exactly what it promises: a look inside The New York Times. The operations of the world's most iconic newspaper may make for an interesting story, but if the trailer is any indication, perhaps not the most interesting movie. The trailer introduces a cast of characters in typical "Real World" fashion. The upstart, the salty veteran, etc, but its difficult to tell what the central theme of the film is. Is it the death of print journalism? Is it Wikileaks? Or is it a combination of these things? Judging by the two-and-a-half minute clip, it looks like this film might be more informative than entertaining, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless you're trying to make as much money as possible, which I'm sure Mark Cuban and Magnolia Pictures are.


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Hollywood's Character Actors Band Together For Starring Roles In This Spoof PSA

How many can you spot? The lament of character actors is that they get the face recognition from their countless appearances in TV shows and films, but none of the name recognition to propel them to bigger roles. So, in this EW pardoy PSA, a half-dozen or so character actors band together to claim their right to star in a summer blockbuster. And it only sort of works on a comedic level. First off, they could have probably gotten some more recognizable actors to appear. Some of them are sort of known (Dave Costabile from Breaking Bad and The Wire, Matt Walsh, who's really more of a comedian than a character actor, and Donald Faison, who actually starred in a network TV show for like 7 seasons), then they get a slew of folks who aren't only recognizable, but frankly a little scary-looking. See who you can recognize, then write your local congressman to address the issue. (Please don't write your congressman about this.)


'Breaking Bad' Offers Up An Extra Scene Entitled 'Chicks With Guns'. What's Not To Like?

You WILL enjoy this! It's almost as if the producers know that we know that Breaking Bad's days are coming to an end. While they can't arrange for us to all go on one big vacation together, back to our homecountry of Ireland or something, they can give us extra Breaking Bad. Here they give us a deleted clip called Chicks and Guns, in which we go back to the glory days of Badger, Skinny Pete, and Jesse. And we get a stripper. And we get Saul. Could life get any better? Just watch the damn clip and be grateful that we have Breaking Bad...for now.


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