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Links Away: Hollywood’s Most Prolific Extra

Jesse Heiman has been in all your favorite movies. Just not in roles you’d remember. One of the busiest extras in show business, Heiman regularly appears on prime time television and in blockbuster films. Kind of makes you wonder if the guy’s ever going to get his big break. If nothing else, a little internet fame might help his cause. (Vulture)

These links fade seamlessly into the background and may at times be asked to speak a line or two:

Every Zach Galifianakis Clip From Tim and Eric (AdultSwim)

The Nine Types of Drug Movies In Hollywood (MovieLine)

25 Bizarre Bagged Foods (HolyTaco)

Enough Suckerpunch Photos to Choke a Bunnymech (FilmDrunk)

Mila Kunis GIF (CelebJihad)

Can Piracy by Justified? (Unreality)

Why Celebrities Love Scientology (MovieFone)

Howard Stern Wants to Be More Like Charlie Sheen (PopEater)

Eight Things Old People Think Are Really Cool That Actually Aren’t (Smosh)

50 Movie Sequels Being Released In 2010 and Beyond (Ranker)

10 Things We Hate About St. Patrick’s Day (BroBible)

Today’s Girl: Anna Friel (Maxim)

Assessing Marisa Tomei (Pajiba)

The Nine Best Irish Mafia Movies (NextMovie)

10 MMA Fights You Wish You Never Saw (CagePotato)

Obama Bracket Devoid of Hope, Change (MadeMan)

EA Needs to Get Off of Call of Duty’s Nuts (GameFront)

Scarface: A Play Performed By Children (TuVez)

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