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Links Away: Harrison Ford Gets Mad At Chewbacca

Years after their Star Wars tenures came to an end, Harrison Ford and Chewbaca the Wookie still have some unresolved tension. (Vulture)

And Han definitely shot first:

The Smurfs Flow Chart Review (MovieLine)

Hot Girl Of The Day Lidia (BarStoolSports)

Crystal Harris Is More Disgusting Than Hugh Hefner (Holytaco)

Bono Dances To Spiderman (FilmDrunk)

Mila Kunis Shows Off Her Ass (CelebJihad)

10 Million $ Superman Opening Cut (Unreality)

What The Hell Is Attack The Block? (MovieFone)

The Best Awww Yeah Memes (Smosh)

Strange Renaissance Deaths (Ranker)

Hot Nameless Women In TV (BroBible)

Olivia Wilde Hotness (Maxim)

Which Character To Punch In The Face (Pajiba)

Superhero Dating Profiles (NextMovie)

Gina Carano Talks Haywire (CagePotato)

Best Day Parties For the 2011 Heat Wave (MadeMan)

PC Gaming Aint About Graphics (GameFront)

George Lopez On Piers Morgan (TuVez)

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