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Links Away: Guy Proposes Via Movie Trailer

Ten points for creativity. Minus ten points for immediately putting it on the internet. Mostly the creativity thing, though. This guy went all out, producing a full-length mock trailer for a movie about a dude who wants to marry a chick. Then it segues into real life, and it’s all tears and cheers from there.

Everything is better in trailer form. Not links, though:

New Mind Blowin Super 8 Clip (Movieline)

Newest Teacher Sex Scandal (BarstoolSports)

Planking Is Hip (Holytaco)

Watch Steven Seagals Training Video (FilmDrunk)

Victoria Justice Hotness (CelebJihad)

Epic Ghostbusters Smores (Unreality)

Top Gun…For Homos (Moviefone)

Meet Arnolds Love Child (Popeater)

The Sexiest Female Action Heroes (Smosh)

The Hottest Video Game Vixens Ever (Ranker)

Justin Halpern‘s Dad Reacts (BroBible)

Mini Anden Hotness (Maxim)

Kelsey Grammar is Albin Sur (Pajiba)

Horror Movies Make Hot Dates (NextMovie)

The Tito Ortiz Murder Conspiracy (CagePotato)

Penelope Cruz Hotness (MadeMan)

Portal Themed Minecraft Mods (Gamefront)

Aline Nakashima Hotness (TuVez)

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