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Links Away: Guy Didn’t Like ‘X-Men’ At All

X-Men: First Class didn’t appeal to everyone. To this guy, it was “a little piece of hell.” I guess I can see where he’s coming from. (BamKapow)

Mutants is stupid:

Oscars Get A Fix (Movieline)

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Critical Analysis Of Spam Email (Holytaco)

Werner Herzog Reads ‘Go The F To Sleep’ (FilmDrunk)

Natalie Portmans Ass (CelebJihad)

The Hardest LA Noire Case Ever (Unreality)

Transformers 3 Photos (Moviefone)

Why She Left Hefner (PopEater)

Kung Fu Weiner! (Smosh)

The Greatest Dance Movies Ever Made (Smosh)

Lee Anne Lindenberg Hotness (BroBible)

Cat Deeley Hotness (Maxim)

Making A Game Out Of Sex (Pajiba)

Beware The Green Lanter Clips (NextMovie)

Dan Hendersons MMA Debut (CagePotato)

Emma Roberts Gallery (MadeMan)

Overall E3 Review (GameFront)

No George Lopez! (TuVez)


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