Links Away: George Lucas Strikes Back

Turns out we've been wrong about the guy this whole time.

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I Could Stare At This Picture Of The Fake George Lucas All Day Long

He's as good as the real thing. Ok. The picture is pretty much the punchline, and we've spoiled that, but let's spend a second giving credit where credit is due. The guy playing George Lucas is Josh Robert Thompson. He's an impressionist who's done Lucas for years. He went to the Star Wars fan convention and picked a fight with one of his own creations, and held up signs that defended his revisionist assertion that Greedo shot first. It's all pretty damn funny, if only because Lucas is a funny dude. I think that this guy better watch himself at these conventions, because for every fan that loves him, there's probably another one that wants to hurt him for the digital tinkering of the show. (A.V. Club)


George Lucas And His Beard Discuss ‘Star Wars’ In 3D And The Delayed Live-Action TV Show

Whoever bet that he wouldn't have a beard and a plaid shirt in this interview owes me five bucks. George Lucas seems to move more slowly than other directors. Perhaps that's because his projects are more widely anticipated than everyone else's. Or maybe it's because he actually moves more slowly than anyone else. In this interview with G4's"Attack of the Show," Lucas discusses what the hold up is for "Star Wars: The Adventures Continue," and why he wasn't ready to convert the six Star Wars films to 3D...until now. As for the TV show, Lucas has 50 hours of the arc crafted, but is just waiting for production costs to become way, way, way cheaper. Like a tenth of what they are for films. So that could be a minute. Essentially, he says he plans on doing it, but stop holding your breath, because it won't happen soon. As for the 3D discussion, he says he's ready to convert for a February 10 release date for Episode I. Without getting too specific, he says he was waiting for the technology to be there, and now it's there. So it's on its way and looking good, by all accounts. If you thought Jar-Jar was up in your face before (metaphorically), wait until you see him in 3D when he's really up in your face! LITERALLY! I'm gonna go lay down. I feel sick.


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'The Empire Strikes Back' Reveal Shocks This Little Kid

I don't want to give it away, but someone is someone else's father, and this kid just can't believe it. This kid cannot BELIEVE what is going on at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. If you look carefully, you can see him emote virtually every human emotion on the spectrum. The sister seems initially as shocked as her brother does, but quickly picks her jaw up off the floor, unlike her flabbergasted sibling. No wonder the mom or dad whipped out the video camera for this thing. Seeing Star Wars (and Empire and Jedi) for the first time is a seminal moment in anyone's life, but the fact that this little moppet was rocking a Daily Bugle t-shirt leads me to believe that he might like this type of thing more than most. I'll bet you even money this kid shits himself when he watches The Sixth Sense for the first time.


Exclusive: See Some Shootin' In The Latest 'Strike Back' Clip

'Strike Back' is back. After last week's clip from the Cinemax action series Strike Back, you could be forgiven for thinking this show was all about quiet conversations. If you still think that after watching this clip, though, you're an idiot. It's machine guns goin' off all over the place, y'all! If this sort of thing interests you, you can check out the latest episode on Cinemax, tonight, Friday, October 14 at 10:00 PM. And remember: If you live with other people, turn down the TV, would you? Those ammo bursts can keep a person awake.


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