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Links Away: George Lucas Strikes Back

We’ve been wrong about the guy this whole time. Turns out it wasn’t actually him who made those less-than-brilliant Star Wars prequels. It was an imposter! Oh my god! Cue lightsaber battle.

Links that are more entertaining than The Phantom Menace:

The Greatest Movie Threats Of All Time (ScreenJunkies)

Drivin’ Like A Boss (BarstoolSports)

No Post Credit Scene In First Class (FilmDrunk)

Kelly Kapowski GIFs (CelebJihad)

Meet Captain Chewbacca (Unreality)

Ellen On Bridesmaids (Moviefone)

Brangelina Talk Marriage (PopEater)

Awesome Pairs Of Custom Vans (Smosh)

The Best Cocktails Ever Mixed (Ranker)

Crazy Drunk Girl At Soundset (BroBible)

January Jones Hotness (Maxim)

Idris Elba Is Django? (Pajiba)

12 Animated Movie Stars (NextMovie)

Steven Seagal Action Figures (CagePotato)

Malcolm McDowell Is Awesome (MadeMan)

Call of Duty Elite Preview (GameFront)

Sneeze With Your Eyes Open (TuVez)

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