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Links Away: ‘Final Destination 5′ Cast Gets Saved By The Bell

We’re assuming they also get killed by the bell. And other objects.

Link party:

Ken Kesey’s Psychedelic Bus Tour (MovieLine)

The Most Accurate Graph Known to Man (BarstoolSports)

Jersey Shore Italy: The Nightmare Continues (HolyTaco)

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended (Unreality)

Yay, An Alien Invasion Movie (FilmDrunk)

Hot Clip: The Kings Of Leon Story (MovieFone)

23 Clever Acts Of Vandalism (Smosh)

People Who Died While Gaming (Ranker)

The Evolution Of Hipsters (BroBible)

2011 Maxim Cover Girl Gallery (Maxim)

The Stars Who Never Were (Pajiba)

Hitchcock‘s Firrst Film Sort Of (NextMovie)

GIF Party: MMA Fails (CagePotato)

Stacy Keibler And Her Hotness (MadeMan)

RAGE Trailer (GameFront)

This Week In Latin America (TuVez)

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