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Links Away: Film Students Getting Punched

If you’ve spent any time around film students, chances are you’ve thought about punching them in the face. If so, this video is like porn for you. Found by the dudes at FilmDrunk, it consists of several way-too-artsy film students being punched in the face by a chick on a mission to punch film students in the face. It’s about damn time.

These links are pseudo-noir:

How Will The Green Hornet Be? (Movieline)

History Returns To Boston (BarstoolSports)

The Most Badass War Removal In History (Holytaco)

Cool As Ice Scene Breakdown (FilmDrunk)

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Unsexy (CelebJihad)

What Is Supermans New Costume? (Unreality)

Tom Hardy: Warrior (Moviefone)

Oprah‘s Dream Interview With OJ (PopEater)

Harry Potter…In Japan (Smosh)

The Greatest US Presidents Ever (Ranker)

College Kid Acts Like A College Kid (BroBible)

Blake Lively Hotness (Maxim)

Gettin Som Green Lantern Action (NextMovie)

Epic Cage Potato Ban (CagePotato)

Emma Roberts Hotness (MadeMan)

The Old Republics Hot New Droid Class (GameFront)

Aliens Exist In Lunar Heights (TuVez)


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