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Links Away: Ferris Bueller Gets The Indie Treatment

After seeing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a talented amateur video editor decided the film might be more appropriate if it was recast as a coming-of-age indie flick. The result is almost too perfect. (YouTube)

Stare serenely into the distance and listen to acoustic guitar music as you click these links:

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Gender-Swapping Cosplay Gallery (Unreality)

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John Krasinski: No One Can Replace Steve Carell On”The Office” (PopEater)

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The Nine Craziest Pregnant Women In the News (Ranker)

Bree Olsen Cooking a Steak (BroBible)

Drink Like a Man (Maxim)

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Red Riding In the Hood (NextMovie)

UFC Fighter Being Awesome (CagePotato)

How to Get Women to Like Sports (MadeMan)

Yakuza 4 Cheats (GameFront)

Five Actors Who Should Play Pancho Villa (TuVez)

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