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Dakota Fanning And Elizabeth Olsen Make A Pact To Lose Their Virginity (Not With Each Other) In 'Very Good Girls'

Am I the only person who wasn't part of a virginity-losing pact in high school? Even though this film seems to technically be about a teen sex pact, I really don't think you can call it a "romp." It's more of a thinkpiece. In fact, it seems as though there's very little fun about it, as Elizabeth Olsen seems to be channeling her morose Martha Marcy May Marlene character, and Dakota Fanning seems to be channeling that same character as well. The trailer for Very Good Girls seems to be soundtracked by something of a female Elliott Smith, and there's lots of running, crying and straight faces. It could still very well be a great film, but if you're looking for a female version of American Pie (and isn't that all we're really looking for in this life?), then keep browsing, Buster.


Scarecrow Johnny Depp Chats With Break

Acting legend and pirate extraordinaire Johnny Depp recently sat down with Break in Paris to chat about his latest film. During this interview, he admits that if he fought co-star Angelina Jolie she’d win, but he’d definitely leave marks. Acting legend and pirate extraordinaire Johnny Depp recently sat down with Break in Paris to chat about his latest film. During this interview, he admits that if he fought co-star Angelina Jolie she’d win, but he’d definitely leave marks. Sounds like it might be more than a hypothetical situation. Meoooow, this Deppussy's got claws.


'Goon' Trailer Teaches Us Hockey Is About Fighting And Little Else

Seann William Scott vs. Liev Schreiber. It's like the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, except no one asked for it. Judging by its trailer, the hockey comedy Goon looks to be a strange film. It's got all the hallmarks of comedy (slapstick, Stifler, Eugene Levy), but it doesn't appear to be funny. In its defense, it's not clear that the film is trying to be funny, either. What is it about hockey comedies that aren't funny? Slap Shot, Mystery, Alaska, and now this film. In any event, Goon tells the story of bouncer Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott), who plays hockey as an enforcer, ruling the roost until he gets called up to the next league, where he's outclassed by the like of Liev Schreiber's Ross Rhea. They also drink a lot, and he sleeps with a girl that looks an awful lot like Zooey Deschanel, but isn't. This is a hard movie to peg. Check out the trailer and see if you can do a better job than I can.


David Hyde Pierce Goes Ballistic In 'The Perfect Host' (Trailer)

David Hyde Pierce will clock you in the head with a delightful bottle of Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley. If you have seen "Frasier," you know that one shouldn't get in the way of David Hyde Pierce and one of his dinner parties. Unfortunately for Clayne Crawford, that's exactly what happens when the his fugitive character ducks into Pierce's house to hide out from the police. Pierce has his way with the hapless intruder, all the while preparing for his party. The Perfect Host seems to be an amalgam of "Frasier," Falling Down, and Swimming with Sharks. In other words, lots and lots of black comedy coming from a prissy little man. Those who know David Hyde Pierce only through his Frasier work will be pleased to know that he has a bit of a slapstick side that has come through via his work on"The Simpsons," Wet Hot American Summer, and his turn hosting"Saturday Night Live." Watch his descent into madness here and fall in love with this tiny man all over again.


Screen Junkies Show: America, F*** Yeah!: Patriotic Movie Moments!!

With the 4th of July around the corner, we celebrate the most kick-ass USA moments in cinema history!! With the 4th of July around the corner, we celebrate the most kick-ass USA moments in cinema history!! Become a Screen Junkie! ?? Watch more Honest Trailers ?? Get Screen Junkies Gear! ?? Hosted by Hal Rudnick: Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner Executive Produced by Andy Signore Edited by Dan Murrell and Anthony Falleroni


Watch An Entire North Dakota Newscast Starring...Ron Burgundy

It doesn't have a lot of Burgundy, but the Burgundy it does have is gold. Ron Burgundy crashed a newscast for Bismarck, ND last night, and while he only got about 90 seconds of spotlight during the 30-minute newscast, it was pretty damn fun. While he played the whole thing pretty aloof, without being too hammy, his "I have no idea," when asked a question going to commercial stuck out as the funniest bit to me. His co-anchor, regular Amber Schatz, had a hard time keeping it together during the entirety of the broadcast, though it's not clear if her amusement was rom Burgundy, or the painfully funny banality of North Dakota news. Anyway, take a look. It's not like you don't have a free half-hour today.


Steve Carell Says Farewell To The Fans

He's gone. He's really gone. Last night, Steve Carell raided the supply closet and left Scranton for greener pastures. Before leaving the corporate world, though, he filmed his exit interview with "Office" co-star Angela Kinsey. In the video, he talks about his favorite show moments  and what the characters and the actors who portray them have meant to him over the past seven years. He also takes a moment to say goodbye to his fans and acknowledge that he's "made an enormous mistake." It's sad to see him go but it's important we all put on a brave face and show him what big boys and girls we can be. No crying. And if any of us do, let's pretend that we got stung by a hornet. Just a really fast one that moved too fast for everyone to see because it is so fast, you see. One of those super hornets. I think it migrated up here from Mexico. (NBC)


Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Fight About Who's The Biggest 'Star Wars' Fan For Charity

"I take umbrage at that" "Give me back my umbrage!" It's always fun to watch our the Comedy Central news team (Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart) geek out, though Jon Stewart should know from Colbert's Tolkien rants that he's not to be trifled with. So enjoy them arguing about who likes Star Wars more. And if you don't care for the geekier things in life, there's still of plenty of comedy here to satisfy. And if you don't find their brand of humor funny – you're making this really difficult, by the way – you can do it for the UNICEF cause that feeds and aids children across the world. AND IF THAT DOESN'T DO IT FOR YOU...then you're beyond help my friend. Check out the video for information on how to give.