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Links Away: Dinoshark Eats Everybody

Watch as the SyFy Channel puts Jurassic Park to shame. Dinoshark is officially recognized as the benchmark for greatness when it comes to prehistoric monster movies. You taking notes Spielberg? Good. (Vulture)

These links will also eat you:

Interview With The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne (AdultSwim)

Aubrey Plaza Scowls At Some Storm Troopers (MovieLine)

The Latest Sex Scandal Teacher (BarstoolSports)

Pole Dancing Is Officially Safe For Work (HolyTaco)

Tyler Perry: The Least Cool Black Guy On Earth? (FilmDrunk)

Chris Brown Finally Meets A Nice Girl (CelebJihad)

Making Crappy Movie Posters Out Of Good Movies (Unreality)

In Defense Of George Lucas (MovieFone)

Whoopie Godlberg Was High When She Got An Oscar (PopEater)

19 Embarrassing Prom Fails (Smosh)

The 10 Lamest Super Hero Origins (Ranker)

Jersey Shore But With Asian People (BroBible)

The Greatest Sandwiches Ever (Maxim)

Films With The Greatest Rewatchability Factor (Pajiba)

Sucker Punch Has Hot Girls (NextMovie)

West Virginia To Regulate MMA (CagePotato)

Five Great April Fools Office Pranks (MadeMan)

Mortal Kombat Kratos Trailer (GameFront)

Darth Vader Plays Piano Better Than You (TuVez)

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