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Links Away: Demolition Man Supercut

Simon Phoenix talk to himself. A lot. But we’ll forgive him, because he has quite possibly one of the flyest haircuts in cinematic history. (FilmDrunk)

But it’s all good:

Liv Tyler Does Her Favorite Scene (MovieLine)

Tom Brady Sports His Best Look (BarstoolSports)

Fun Facts On The Summer Solstice (Holytaco)

Keira Knightley Gets Her Ass Kicked (FilmDrunk)

Miss 2011’s Slutty Facebook Pics (CelebJihad)

Why Ken Jeong Is Awesome (Unreality)

Marvel vs DC Smackdown (Moviefone)

Joss Stone: Post Kidnap Plot (PopEater)

The Happiest Celebrity Mugshots (Smosh)

The Greatest Quarterbacks Of All Time (Ranker)

Ovechkin: The Soviet Days (BroBible)

Rosario Dawson Hotness (Maxim)

Hollywood Caught With Their Pants Down (Pajiba)

Cinemas’ Hottest Teachers (NextMovie)

Ortiz Wants Another Chance (CagePotato)

Michele Borth: Sex Whisperer (MadeMan)

Metal Gear Peace Walker In HD (GameFront)

Zoraida Gomez Hotness (TuVez)


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