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Links Away: Damn It Feels Good To Be A Lannister

In the “Game of Thrones” universe, the Lannisters rank high on the gangster scale. Just how gangster are they? Gangster enough to merit their own song parody. Damn, son. (WarmingGlow)

X-Men: Born This Way (Movieline)

Vegas Goes Viral (BarstoolSports)

If Rupert Murdoch Gets The Shaft…(Holytaco)

James Franco Wanted To Be In Twilight (FilmDrunk)

Jamie Lynn Spears Bikini Hotness (CelebJihad)

Harry Potter At The Oscars (MovieFone)

Exes AND Business Partners? (PopEater)

Marvelous Meme Cakes (Smosh)

Greatest Sitcoms In Television History (Ranker)

The Most Arrogant Penalty Kick Of All Time (BroBible)

Teresa Palmer Hotness (Maxim)

Rhys Ifans In The New Bond (Pajiba)

The Hottest Couples Ever (NextMovie)

Overeem At Odds With Strikeforce (CagePotato)

The Best Places To Meet Women (MadeMan)

The Best Minecraft Texture Packs (Gamefront)

5 Ideas For Latino Harry Potter (TuVez)


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