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Links Away: Cinema’s Greatest Sandwiches

Not all sandwiches are created equal. Much like celebrities, some of them are more beautiful, well-endowed, and more photogenic than others. This supercut, produced by the fine folks of Handsome Donkey, is an ode to the best of the best.

Now chew on these links. They are nothing like sandwiches:

Family Guy‘s Best Thing Ever (AdultSwim)

John Cusack…Improvised (Movieline)

Cat Stabs Man (BarstoolSports)

Sarah Silverman‘s Inappropriate Pictures (Holytaco)

DeVito and Arnold: Twins? (FilmDrunk)

Marisa Millers Slutty Esquire Pics (CelebJihad)

Real Life Assassin’s Creed Blade (Unreality)

Thor Hammers All (Moviefone)

Bristol Palin Gets A Reality Show (Popeater)

7 Sinister Villain Pets (Smosh)

Fictional Companies You Should Work For (Ranker)

Seinfeld And His Greatest Stand Up Bits (BroBible)

Maxim’s 100 Most Beautiful Women (Maxim)

All Girl Assassin Squad Fails Again (Pajiba)

Questions for Zach Braff (NextMovie)

Mayweather and his Many Problems (CagePotato)

Life of a Navy SEAL (MadeMan)

Sony Continues To Fail (GameFront)

Latino Musicians Who Rocked the Casbah (TuVez)

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