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Links Away: Chuck Testa, Master of NOPE!

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Ojai Valley Taxidermy Ad – Watch MoreFunny Videos


10 Stamps We’d Like To See Before The Postal Service Closes (HuffPo)

Torontos Lingerie Football FTW (TotalProSports)

Alicia’s Sexy Secret (GorillaMask)

Epic Bikini Shoot (TCMag)

Mayhem Miller On The Late Show (CagePotato)

Poin Break Remake? (FilmDrunk)

Epic Facebook Fails (Smosh)

Hero Prevents Morons From Pulling Prank (Holytaco)

Taylor Swifts Upskirt Flash (CelebJihad)

More Realistic Minecraft? (Unreality)

Todays Hot Self Pic Is…(DoubleViking)

Eddie Murphy And The Oscars (SlashFilm)

The Biggest Upsets In Boxing History (MadeMan)

Tinsley Mortimer Bikini Pics (Ehowa)

The Newest Upcoming Fables (USAToday)

The Ultimate In Tex Mex (ModernMan)

Christina Henricks Hotness (Maxim)

Oh Yeah, The Emmy’s…(WarmingGlow)

Gears of War 3 Gets A Perfect (Gamefront)

Retiring Bulls find Religion (TuVez)

RIP Frances Bay (TheDailyWhat)


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