Links Away: 'Charlie Bit My Finger' As A Horror Short


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See A 'TRON' Short Film If You Still Need More Boxleitner

All of your unasked questions about 'Tron' have now been answered. Ever since you saw Tron: Legacy, you've probably been lying awake at night, thinking about how the original Tron and its sequel are connected. "What was Bruce Boxleitner's role in this, if any?" You'd whisper to yourself as you tossed and turned in your bed fitfully. Well now you can say goodbye to those sleepless nights thanks to this new short film from the viral marketing wizards at Disney, which bridges the gap between Tron and Tron: Legacy. At least, I think it does. I couldn't actually make it through the whole thing. I'm sure you'll like it though! (via /Film)


8-Bit Ripley Looks Totally Hot In Lost 'Aliens' Game

If you owned the classic Nintendo in the 80s and love 'Aliens,' your jaw will drop at this game project that got lost in space. There's a lot of talk now about the new Alien-ish movie. However, if you owned the classic Nintendo in the 80s and love Aliens, your jaw will drop at this game project that got lost in space. In 1987, Japanese game publisher Square, who later created the RPG series Final Fantasy, which we're sure has inspired more than one chocobo furry sex orgy at Dragon*Con, got the license to make an Aliens game. Unfortunately, the game was never released on the NES, only on the Japanese Famicom Disk System. The recently rediscovered game is documented in the video above from 1up. It shows us what we've all been missing. The biggest thing, in my opinion, is the super-sexy Sigourney Weaver sprite. She has ducked and float-leaped into my heart. If the 8-bit version of Ripley came into my bedroom wearing a pink jump suit and big boots, brandishing a laser gun, I wouldn't turn her down. Maybe that's partly because of my fear of laser guns, but still. 5-year-old me would have declared 8-bit Ripley his girlfriend, and once again, nobody would talk to me at recess. (1up)


'We Are What We Are' Is Not Your Father's Cannibal Horror Movie

Unless your dad is director Jim MIckle, in which case this is very much your father's cannibal horror film. While it's not at all clear in the cryptic trailer what the plot of the movie is (people missing? small towns? dressing like Arcade Fire?), the film is a remake of the Mexican film Somos Lo Que Hay. nThe film seems to be similar to The Lottery, in which a quaint small town has a secret, and it's really, really bad (the secret, not the film). The original seems to have garnered a bit of acclaim, and while it's not readily apparent in the trailer, the old film is about cannibals, which means this new film will be about cannibals, which means it will be pretty awesome no matter what.


Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Short, Jimmy Fallon, And Miranda Sings Throw Down In Pictionary

Yeah, we didn't recognize that last name either. There's normally a bit of a lull in entertainment news from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Sure you, get some awards show fodder in there, but that's hardly a cure for boredom. However, like so many characters in Christmas films, we make due with what we have, refusing to complain or let anything dampen our holiday spirit. And what we have is a Tonight Show clip of Jimmy Fallon, Martin Short, and Jerry Seinfeld playing Pictionary with some girl named Miranda sings from YouTube. It's not earth-shattering, but any video clip with an enthusiastic Martin Short makes the cut. Take a look. (THR)