Links Away: Charles Bronson Kills Hipsters

In a city full of elitist assholes, only one man has enough balls to protect its citizens from their apathetic tirades. That's not a vintage coat. It's a right now coat, dirty hipster.

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This Awesome 1970's Cologne Commercial Urges You To Smell More Like Charles Bronson

It smells like formaldehyde and mesquite, I'm guessing. This just sorta popped up on the feed, and it's worth your attention. Using Charles Bronson to sell anything is pretty funny, as the man seemed to be so no-nonsense as to make the audience 100% uncomfortable. Here, he's schilling something called Mandom, which sounds like a category on Pornhub, but is probably just an ill-advised attempt at making cologne seem really masculine. As though Charles Bronson's involvement alone wouldn't take care of that.


PATRICK SWAYZE LIVES...In This Vintage Disco-Themed PBR Ad

The Cherokee say that as long as you remember a man in a horribly-dated alcohol commercial, he's never truly gone. The Cherokee say that as long as you remember a man in a horribly-dated alcohol commercial, he's never truly gone. If that's true, friends and family of the late Patrick Swayze can take solace in the fact that the beloved star of Road House will live on forever, or at least until YouTube pulls down this commercial for copyright violations. You have to give "The Swayze" credit. The man was the king of pre-irony. Who else had the foresight to attach themselves to both Road House and PBR? Hipsters should put up a statue of his likeness in Greenwich Village.


'Inside Llewyn Davis' Trailer Might Teach Us Where All These Damn Hipsters Came From

It's about folk music, which is a little boring, but it's directed by the Coen Brothers, who aren't. The Coen Brothers have a knack for being among the best pure storytellers in film, so whether or not they're making a biopic on Kim Kardashian, or a film about mutant killer sharks, you can bet it's going to suck you in. Which is good, because a big portion of our readership probably doesn't have profound connections to the Greenwich folk scene, so we can use all the help we can get in caring for those underemployed troubadours. But if anyone can make us care about these guys, it's the Coen Brothers.


Charlize Theron Nude & Milk-Coated In 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Teaser

If you're into that kind of thing. [post-album postid="217079" item="6"]The first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman is here and it writes all the wrongs of the original. Now we have naked Charlize Theron, epic battles Thor throwing a hatchet in slow-motion, people shattering, and huge beasts. No warrior dwarfs yet, though. Those will likely be revealed in a long, drawn-out release of totally radxxxcal motion hologram posters. Most of the action centers on Charlize Theron's evil queen and he practices of draining the beauty from those who put her Fairest in the Land title at risk. We then get some world building as The Huntsman and Snow White are briefly introduced. All in all, it looks like an overdone (but in the best way) effort from first-time director Rupert Sanders. Potential tag line: "This tale ain't for fairies."


Look At These F&^%ing Hipster Vampires In 'Only Lovers Left Alive' Trailer

They must love My Bloody Valentine. You'd think this would have happened sooner given the popularity of vampires and hipsters over the past few years, but obviously it takes the talent of somebody like Jim Jarmusch to pull off hipster vampires. Or vampire hipsters. They don't really believe in labels. Only Lovers Left Alive stars Tilda Swinton and Loki as incredibly cultured and super emotionally detached pale vampires who were listening to Shubert in the early 1800's. That's like nearly 150 years before you had heard of him.


The Oscar For Coolest Coat Goes To 'The Revenant' Trailer

Alejandro González Iñárritu's 'Birdman' follow up. Birdman's Oscar-winning director Alejandro González Iñárritu broke out the drum kit once again for The Revenant. As Michael Keaton promised, Iñárritu can now work with whomever he wants, and shows off this clout with the casting of Leonardo DiCaprio as legendary explorer Hugh Glass opposite Tom Hardy as the confidant that betrays him in the real-life story of survival. Birdman's Oscar-winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki is also involved. It's rumored that this follow up was captured with 850 shots.


'I Am Chris Farley' Documentary Trailer: Little Coat, Big Heart

Gone but not forgotten. A documentary about the tornado that was Chris Farley is headed to theaters at the end of July. The world knows him as the hyperactive comedian who cannonballed his way into fame in the 1990's via SNL and a string of films. But what happens to such an energetic performer when they need to turn it off? I Am Chris Farley gathers interviews with his friends and family to discuss the Chris Farley we didn't see and to celebrate his one of a kind presence.