Links Away: Cat Watches 'Alien' Marathon

A more apt descrption might be "cat absolutely freaking terrified by 'Alien' marathon."

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See New 'Cowboys & Aliens' Super Bowl Ad Without Having To Watch Super Bowl

I just saved you, like, 7 hours. One of the main issues I have with the Super Bowl is the lack of cowboys, aliens, laser guns, and Harrison Ford. So I had mixed emotions about the prospect of a new Cowboys & Aliens Super Bowl spot - on the one hand, yeah, it probably has all those things. On the other hand, I'd have to sit through untold hours of lame beer ads, awful musical performances from senior citizens, and a few minutes of football in order to see it. Imagine my relief when I saw the ad appearing on the internet! And in the spirit of friendship, I now present the ad to you as well. Think about it - I just saved you, like, 7 hours. What are you going to do with it? I'm gonna watch the Super Bowl! (via SlashFilm)


Elizabeth Olsen FREAKS OUT In 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' Trailer

She does a flawless Mischa Barton. Elizabeth Olsen made a big splash at this past year's Sundance Film Festival with her appearance in Martha Marcy May Marlene. Now, those of us who have trouble breathing in high altitudes can see what all the hub-bub was about. In this trailer, the newly-discovered credible Olsen seems really solid in the role of a girl who returns to her family after spending time with a cult. And John Hawkes is effortlessly creepy as the cult leader. I bet he watches his people poop. Seems like the type. The film hits theaters on October 7th and Cannes before that. I have to say, Olsen nails this role of a confused girl freaking out for no apparent reason. It's a flawless Mischa Barton impression.


Daniel Craig Freaks Out In 'Dream House' Trailer

He struggles with the problems of home ownership. Jim Sheridan is back on the scene with Dream House, another odd entry to his list of latter films. After his Oscar nominated In America, Sheridan naturally went off and made a movie starring 50 Cent. He then directed Brothers, which wasn't so much bad as it was an unnecessary remake. Now comes Dream House, a psychological thriller starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz that far too closely resembles Shutter Island. A man moves into a home with his wife and kids only to discover that the previous residents were murdered there. Instead of first bitching out the real estate agent for not utilizing full disclosure, he delves head first into a tangled mystery that brings his sanity into question. If you need other questions answered, just watch the trailer. It pretty much gives away everything.


Dennis Quaid Refers To Someone As 'Dopey The Dick' During Movie Set Freak-Out

It's sometimes nice to just kick back and watch older men lose their sh*t. He's no Christian Bale, but you can't blame Dennis Quaid for a terrific effort in this found footage movie set freak out. It's a little too good to be true, leaving some wondering if it's fake or staged. He sure does enunciated well for a guy in the middle of a meltdown, but he was just in the middle of doing a scene, so maybe that was his mindset. Anyway, it's fun to see ole' wholesome Dennis Quaid get a little fire in his belly. Here's the clip. Don't be a Dopey the Dick. Don't wander into Dennis Quaid's set while he's ACTING.


Hey Stoners, Here's New ThunderCats Footage

ThunderCats, Hoooooly god I'm so high right now. You might remember the 1980s action cartoon "ThunderCats" for its questionable animation, weirdly self-referential villains, and the hilarious antics of Snarf. Well it appears that there's a new "ThunderCats" coming out, thanks to the stoner-friendly executives down at Cartoon Network HQ. It has a new 2011-friendly anime style too, so you can feel extra-embarrassed about watching it. Unless you're high, in which case you're not reading this anyway because you're watching the video 5 or 6 times. You're welcome! (via The AV Club)


Robin Williams Voices A Dog Opposite Simon Pegg In This First 'Absolutely Anything' Clip

Simon Pegg has been on a bit of a sci-fi tear recently. With mixed results. Simon Pegg stars in Absolutely Anything, a sci-fi comedy that also features a talking dog voiced by Robin Williams. Hmmm. Could be interesting. This clip doesn't shed much light on the film's plot, soooooooo... Pegg plays Neil Clarke, a schoolteacher who gets magical powers bestowed upon him by aliens. And those aliens are voiced by the guys from Monty Python. And the dog is voiced, as I mentioned, by Robin Williams. Lots of voices. Beyond that, not a whole lot has been divulged, and while I'm sure the full trailer will give us a little more plot and tone, this is just a clip, so do with it what you will. It doesn't look bad, but nothing with Simon Pegg ever does. (Deadline)


‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Trailer Delivers On Both

Attention all earthlings, the trailer for Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens has finally landed. If you love cowboys and aliens and have always wished that through the use of movie magic both groups could be mashed together, well partner, this is your lucky day. Attention all earthlings, the trailer for Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens has finally landed. If you lov cowboys and aliens and have always wished that through the use of movie magic both groups could be mashed together, well partner, this is your lucky day. You're gonna be happier than a pig in sh*t. Daniel Craig plays a stranger who finds himself in the small town of Absolution with a fancy bracelet around his wrist and no recollection of how it got there. Harrison Ford plays Colonel Dolarhyde (Colonel Assmoney?), whose furrowed brow and gravely voice suggests he doesn't take kindly to strangers. Olivia Wilde acts peculiar and looks hot. Then aliens show up for some reason and Craig in the town's only hope. Oooooh, THAT'S what the bracelet is for! Thought it just improved his golf swing.