Links Away: Batman Vs. Wolverine Film Noir

An artsy-as-hell take on the ultimate superhero showdown. Or something.

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Ultimate Fantasy Franchise Showdown!

There can be only one. What is the greatest fantasy franchise of all time? And don't say, "That's subjective." It's not. I know that because the Screen Junkies Show addressed the question and got a definitive answer that you must agree with. What is it? You'll have to watch. And subscribe to the YouTube channel. Ok. You don't have to do that. But you do have to watch. We feel like that would be meeting us halfway, and we're all about equity. Complain about our conclusion in the comments or on our YouTube page.


Links Away: Lion King Rises

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Honest Trailers - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The Wolverine is coming out next weekend, and while it looks better than Wolverine- Origins, so do most types of skin rash. We revisit the massive letdown that ruined the most badass member of the X-Men. We'll be uploading new HONEST TRAILERS every other Tuesday! (And 'Supercuts / MashUps' in between weeks) And new episodes of the ScreenJunkies Show every Thursday! So make sure to SUBSCRIBE!! Got a tip? Email us at - Like us on Facebook - http-// Follow us on twitter - http-// You can find all our Screen Junkies t-shirts here- http-// Honest Trailers- X-Men Origins- Wolverine Directed by Andy Signore Executive Producer Mitch Rotter Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner Episode Written by Spencer Gilbert, Ian Weinreich, Phil Rogers, Jason Pickar, Dan Murrell and Andy Signore Edited by Dan Murrell Voiceover Narration by Jon http-// As always let us know in the comments what movie you wanna see next! And check out our previous Honest Trailers- Honest Trailers- GROWN UPS http-// Honest Trailers- INDEPENDENCE DAY http-// Honest Trailers- THE LAST AIRBENDER http-// Honest Trailers- FAST FIVE http-// Honest Trailers- STAR TREK (2009) http-// Honest Trailers- IRON MAN 2 http-// Honest Trailers- HARRY POTTER http-// Honest Trailers- JURASSIC PARK http-// Honest Trailers- LES MISERABLES http-// Honest Trailers- TWILIGHT- BREAKING DAWN http-// Honest Trailers- THE NOTEBOOK http-// Honest Trailers- SKYFALL http-// Honest Trailers- INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL http-// Honest Trailers- INCEPTION http-// Honest Trailers- THE LORD OF THE RINGS http-// Honest Trailers- THE DARK KNIGHT RISES http-// Honest Trailers- THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN http-// Honest Trailers- PARANORMAL ACTIVITY http-// Honest Trailers- PROMETHEUS http-// Honest Trailers- THE AVENGERS http-// Honest Trailers-


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