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Links Away: Batman Vs. Wolverine Film Noir

An artsy-as-hell take on the ultimate superhero showdown. Or something. Not quite sure what’s going on here. Also, it’s in French. (BuzzFeed)

The links. They are meaningless.

Rise of the Apes Trailer (MovieLine)

Canseco & Sheen (BarStoolSports)

Best Orgy Invite Ever (Holytaco)

James Franco Messes With Apes (FilmDrunk)

January Jones In X-Men (CelebJihad)

Jedi A-Hole Strikes Back (Unreality)

The Evolution Of Brad Pitt (MovieFone)

Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller (PopEater)

How To Shave In Japan (Smosh)

The Greatest Drummers Of All Time (Ranker)

Shaq: Best Retired Athlete (BroBible)

The Best Dads Day Gifts Out There (Maxim)

TVs Biggest Haircuts (Pajiba)

Zoe Kravitz Hotness (NextMovie)

Tito Desperate For Attention (CagePotato)

Blake Lively And Your Girl (MadeMan)

Cold Phelps Is A Horrible Detective (GameFront)

Anna Simon Hotness (TuVez)

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  1. June 2, 2011 5:23 pm


    this is some boring shit…atleast speak english retards

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