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British Spy Group MI5 Reveals Charlie Chaplin MAY HAVE BEEN A FRENCHMAN!

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Kate Upton And Other People Star In 'The Other Woman' Trailer

I'll take all the tickets, please. The Other Woman stars Cameron Diaz as a lawyer who thinks she has found Mr. Right. However, she discovers that she is his mistress upon meeting Mrs. Right, as played by Leslie Mann. Instead of tearing out each others weaves, they team up to bring him down. The best way to do that, recruit his younger, hotter, heavy-chested mistress Kate Upton to hit him where it hurts. Using the unstoppable combination of lawyer powers, light poisoning, and large natural breasts, they strive to take him down without outright stealing the cast dynamic of 9 to 5.


Cyborg Matt Damon Fights For The 99 Percent In 'Elysium' Trailer

This new look at Elysium focuses less on how awesome the space city of Elysium is and more on the events that cause Matt Damon to have a badass exoskeleton grafted onto his body. It ranks between the ill-advised plastic surgery victim and Greg Kinnear's conjoined twin on the scale of Matt Damon screen transformations. This trailer also features previously unseen footage of robot cops being complete dicks. I can't wait to see Matt Damon running around in outer space ripping their mechanical heads off.


Bruce Wayne Learns The Vigilante Ropes In 'Batman: Year One' Trailer

We all grieve differently. [post-album postid="219236" item="6"]Warner Bros has released this trailer for Batman: Year One so that we're all very clear that Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered and years later he saw a bat and that prompted him to karate chop brick piles and become Batman. We're all good on those facts now, right? Adapted from Frank Miller's classic graphic novel (which served as an influence to Nolan's Batman), the animated film follows Bruce Wayne through his first year as Batman, back when he was still super-pissed about the whole murder of his parents thing. The O.C.'s Ben McKenzie stars as Batman (naturally) with Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon, Katee Sackhoff as Sarah Essen, and Eliza Dushku as Catwoman. Because everyone knows that Catwoman has a wicked Boston accent.


Chuck Norris Does The Jean-Claude Van Damme Video

His beard has it's own beard. Or fists. Or something. I forget. The greatest Christmas gift of all isn't just a Chuck Norris video. It's a Chuck Norris video that upstages something Jean-Claude Van Damme did for Volvo. Why? I have no idea, but it's a slow news day, so we're trumping up the few posts we're making in a "run out the clock"-type situation that has us counting down until it's egg nog time. You know what? Screw it. It's egg nog time now. Merry Chuckmas, and Happy Norriskuh.


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