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Links Away: An Ode To Charlie Sheen

Who better to pen the definitive Charlie Sheen rap ballad than a white guy in a hipster scarf? Okay, to be fair it’s actually a keffiyeh, a traditional Arab neck garment which has only recently been adopted by the hipster community and subsequently made totally lame, but hey, cultural awareness is overrated. Nice hipster scarf, asshat. Can’t deny your rapping skills, though. (YouTube)

If these links were porn stars, Charlie Sheen would have sex with them:

Teresa Palmer On the 80s and Emulating Angelina Jolie (MovieLine)

Dude Gets Hit By Car, Brushes it Off Like a Boss (BarstoolSports)

25 Dogs That Will Make You Jealous (HolyTaco)

The Most Paused Moments In Movie History (FilmDrunk)

Kim Kardashian‘s New Song Sucks (CelebJihad)

All the Swords In Zelda (Unreality)

100 Most Memorable Female TV Characters (TVSquad)

Donald Trump‘s Advice for Charlie Sheen (PopEater)

The 20 Best Tweets About Charlie Sheen (Smosh)

The Greatest Rock Guitarists of All Time (Ranker)

Keith Richards’ Daughter is Pretty Hot (BroBible)

Today’s Girl: Vanessa Hudgens (Maxim)

Casual Sex and the Economy (Pajiba)

The 25 Most Essential 80s Comedies (NextMovie)

MMA’s Top Five Middleweights (CagePotato)

How to Look Like You Can Dance (MadeMan)

Fight Night Champion for the iPhone (GameFront)

Own Goal Fail (TuVez)

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