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Links Away: All The Worst Bosses Ever

Horrible Bosses is hardly striking on something new. Bad bosses have been terrorizing movie protagonists for ages. Ready to see them all in once place? Here’s supercut of all the bad bosses ever. (Vulture)

These links are worth more than you:

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HBO Documents Jeter (BarstoolSports)

3 Countries That Hate Captain America (FilmDrunk)

Allison & Gillian Spank Each other (CelebJihad)

The King Of All Paintballs (Unreality)

Watch A Scene From ‘Th Zookeeper‘ (Moviefone)

Arnold Pays Off (PopEater)

28 Gravity Jumping Beds (Smosh)

Awful Statements By Roger Ebert (Ranker)

What You Need To Know About Boobs (BroBible)

Kate Mara Hotness (Maxim)

Best Use Of Guyliner (Pajiba)

Rosie Huntington-Whitely Hotness (Nextmovie)

A Living Death (CagePotato)

How To by Friends With Benefits (MadeMan)

2D Platforms Make A Comeback (Gamefront)

Defending Hugo Chavez (TuVez)


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